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Corporate Menu

3 Course Menu

$13.99 Lunch Menu include a salad and Dessert, Sweet Tea or Lemonade, and clear acrylic.  

Plus $30.00 delivery charge

Hot food is Set up in real Chaffing Dishes to keep warm and real platters for great presentation. We return later to pick up our equipment. 

    1. 1. Chicken Marsala: Herbed chicken in a sweet Marsala and mushroom sauce, served with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables, includes a roll. 

    2. 2. Italian Sausage and Beef Lasagna:  A five layered lasagna containing beef and Italian sausage, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese smothered in fresh tomato sauce. Served with garlic bread.

    3. 3.. Chicken Alfredo: Grilled chicken breast with a rich, creamy Alfredo sauce on a bed of fettuccini pasta, roasted vegetables, and a roll

    4. 4. Beef Stroganoff: Beef Stroganoff on a bed of noodles, roasted vegetables and a roll.

    5. 5. Quad Salad: Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad, Pasta Salad, garden salad (green mix, shredded carrots tomatoes..) and dressing choice of Italian or Ranch, bread rolls and crackers

    6. 6. The Fiesta Fajita Buffet: Chicken and beef Fajitas with roasted bell peppers and onions, flour tortillas, Salsa, Mexican Rice and Refried Beans or charro beans.

    7. 7. Southwestern Chicken: Grilled 6 oz. Chicken Breast topped with fresh pico de gallo, cilantro rice and mixed vegetables. 

    8. 8. Beef Hamburger station: 100% Beef grilled burgers with a variety of toppings for your guest to pile on like,   fresh lettuce, sliced tomatoes, caramelized onions, sliced bacon, sliced jalapenos, mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise.  Served with baked beans and a bag of chips.  

    9. 9. Chicken Parmigiana: Breaded 6 oz. breast of chicken sautéed and baked with marinara sauce and Italian cheese, served with fettuccine pasta, and a roll.  

    10. 10. Carne Guisada:  Cubed Stew Meat slowly cooked for hours in its own brown gravy with cumin, onions and tomatoes, served with rice, refried bean, and fresh flour tortillas. 

    11. 11. Chicken with Poblano Cream Sauce:  Pan seared chicken breast topped with a creamy Fresh Fire Roasted Poblano pepper sauce, on a bed of penne pasta and vegetables, includes dinner roll. 

    12. 12. Artichoke Chicken Pasta: Chicken breast on a bed of thin spaghetti tossed in a cream wine sauce with mushrooms, diced tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and capers. Includes Roles. 

    13. 13. Chicken and Broccoli Primavera:  Fusion will provide a  Grilled, 6 ounce chicken breast served with thin spaghetti, fresh  broccoli, mushrooms, carrots, and scallions with a creamy cheese sauce.

    14. 14. Chicken Fried Chicken: with mac and cheese, green beans and a dinner roll.

    15. 15. Bar-B-Q Chicken: Whole Grilled Chickens cut up in leg and thigh, and breast and wing, and smoked Sausage.  Served with green beans, potato salad, rolls, pickles, and fresh onions

    16. 16. Chipotle Lime Chicken:  This Sauce carries a little kick to it but the taste it leaves in your mouth is incredible.  Made with Chipotle Peppers, real cream, and fresh lime juice.  Served with our Cilantro rice and roasted vegetables.

    17. 17. Chicken Lemon Caper Sauce:  Sautéed chicken breast with a creamy lemon and caper sauce, Green beans and Wild Rice

    18. 18. Grilled 6 ounce Chicken Breast: served with Orzo with Cannellini and Olives, includes a roll

    19. 19. Thick Grilled Pork Chop: served with Mediterranean Quinoa, Mixed Green Salad. Includes a roll.  

    20. 20. Beef Fried Rice: Chef Prepared Fried Rice tossed with Diced Beef and served with fresh Steamed Broccoli and a spring roll.

    21. 21. Cuban Pork Lion: Tender pork lion injected with fresh Cuban spices and citrus juices, then slow roasted to perfection. Served with mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables, and a roll.

    22. 22. Vegetarian Fajitas:  Grilled bell peppers, zucchinis, Mushrooms and onions, with hints of comino and other fajita seasonings.

    23. 23. Vegetarian Stack: Grilled vegetable stack containing portabella, eggplant, zucchini, and red sweet pepper, served with a chimichurri sauce

    $13.99 Menus include choice of salad and Dessert, Sweet Tea or Lemonade

    1. 24. Three meat Bar-B-Q:  Smoked Brisket, Grilled Chicken, and smoked Sausage: Served with Beans,  potato salad, rolls, pickles, and fresh onions (we smoke it for 16hrs, therefore Brisket orders need to be in 2 days prior) 

    2. 25. Beef Medallions:  Prime cut of tender beef, grilled then roasted and sliced into classic medallions and sauced in our very own rich red wine mushroom sauce, served with roasted vegetables, and rice pilaf

    3. 26. Asian Glazed Mahi-Mahi Fish: served with Basmati Rice, Fresh Green Beans, and a Roll

    4. Choose A Salad:
      Garden Salad, Cesar Salad, Greek Salad, Strawberry and Feta Salad, or Pasta Salad (includes diced green and yellow squash, black olives and cherry tomatoes)
      INCLUDES OUR DESSERT OF DAY: examples are fresh baked brownies, or cookies, or sliced Chocolate or Strawberry cake with whipped icing.

      Fruit Platters:  Large platter Feeds 15 to 20 people $44.95, Medium Platter feeds 10 to 12 people  $29.95

      **all above menus will be set up in real chaffing dishes to keep warm, we will return to pick up equipment after meeting or the next day if your meeting runs late in the evening***

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